Wellywood updates

This morning Cr Helene Ritchie is calling for a High Court review of the decision to grant resource consent for the Wellywood sign. You can read the story at Radio New Zealand. My gut feeling on this is while it’s nice Helene wants to do something to stop it, court action is going to be very expensive (for both the council and the airport) and success is far from certain.

The Dom Post have a new story, with Michael Fowler refusing to apologise for his racist comments yesteryday. They’ve also got a pretty good wrap up of their coverage so far. Read it here. From the article:

Eoin Darby, an Irishman living in New Zealand, said he was “outraged” by the dig. “I am puzzled as to his reasoning behind associating the Irish people with being `dumb’ and `humourless’, while commenting on a topic that does not involve Irish people whatsoever. I think if he were to really experience the company of Irish people living in New Zealand, he would soon find us to be quite the opposite.”

Michael McCormack went a step further, ringing Sir Michael to tell him his comments were “ridiculous”.

“He is far out of line, especially since there was no humour in what he said. It was an irrelevant, bizarre comparison. He said he was referring to the Irish when they first came out … then he told me to go stuff myself and hung up.”

Also, here are a selection of some of the search terms that people used to get to WCC Watch yesterday…

michael fowler, racist
michael fowler sign irish
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stuff apology from michael fowler
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michael fowler architect
michael fowler racist comments
michael fowler irish dumb

Looks like he’s getting a lot more coverage now that he ever managed during the election campaign!


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