Drunk Councillor: Keeping local body politics classy

You never know what you’re going to read when you open the Hutt News, but a story about a drunk local body politician should surprise no one…

Roger Styles is not backing down after a series of heated exchanges with Greater Wellington Regional Council chair-woman Fran Wilde last week.

The former deputy mayor and current city councillor is on the GWRC committee that oversees flood protection in the Hutt Valley.

Cr Styles arrived late to the Thursday evening meeting and was involved in a series of exchanges with Cr Wilde, who was clearly irritated by his behaviour.

At one stage she said “we are being toyed with by what ever councillor what’s-his-name is, the sober Cr Styles.”

Cr Styles raised a number of issues that did not appear to be of any relevance to the committee, including the regional council’s stance on economic development and why it owns a port.

During the meeting he got up to drink coffee and at times he was uncharacteristically tongue-tied.

At the end of the meeting, Cr Wilde commented on “the strong smell of alcohol” and held her nostrils towards the Hutt News to make her point.

Up until this point I was wondering if Fran Wilde was simply annoyed at Roger Styles for some sort of personal or political reason. Then I read…

Cr Styles, who was ruddy cheeked, sat down beside the Hutt News reporter and when asked if he had been drinking, replied “no, I had a wine at lunch.”

The next morning Cr Styles said he would not comment on whether he was sober, but did not deny he had had a drink.

He acknowledged that he had been quite aggressive, but said he stood by what he had said and would not apologise.

Oh dear, not a good look Roger.

In the very final part of the article the Hutt News they seem to be trying to pry any sort of reasoning out of Styles, to little avail. He simply seems grumpy at Fran and the GWRC.

Roger – if you’re reading this and do actually have a legitimate point to make, please feel free to send it through, we’d be happy to publish it.



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