Gardens Magic: Jess Chambers?

This is part of our series of posts on the Council’s Gardens Magic programme. You can view the full Summer City event calendar or the entire programme at the Council’s website.

I’m not 100% sure about this (there doesn’t seem to be anything on the council website), but I’d assume that Jess Chambers’ planned performance from Sunday night would have been postponed until tonight. Or possibly last night – sorry if we’ve already missed it! Anyway, Jess is lovely and shouldn’t be missed!

Awarded the New Zealand Country Music Award for her hit Stringing Me Along, Jess Chambers has established herself in the music scene. Many Wellingtonians will remember her performance in 2009 at the Soundshell with The Woolshed Sessions – there wasn’t a seat to be found.


One response to “Gardens Magic: Jess Chambers?

  1. There is no performance at the Gardens tonight! Jess Chambers and Rosy Tin Teacaddy played last night. Tonight is also a postponement date but luckly we don’t need it as noone else was rained off.

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