Project update #3 – Wharewaka

The construction of Te Wharewaka o Pōneke and the development of the surrounding area (including the southern part of Frank Kitts lagoon) seems to be progressing well, and should be completed in time for the official opening at dawn on Waitangi Day. One of our readers has sent in some photos which show the progress.

These photos show the building coming together nicely. The ‘wings’ off the side of the building have been extended on the western end, the eastern ones are attached but have not yet been put up. They really complete the building and make integrate better with the surrounding environment, rather than just being a big boat shed.

You’ll also note a lot of work has gone into developing the surrounding area. The southern end of the lagoon is totally redeveloped – I rather like the new terraces, particularly the ones with grass and trees. Also the muddy field south of the lagoon has finally been developed, with a rased garden bordering the road and a nice big lawn being laid down. It’s going to be a fantastic space when it’s finished.


2 responses to “Project update #3 – Wharewaka

  1. I just wish they had gone with some colour scheme other than black on concrete. It looks like it’s been inspired by mid-90s brutalist clothing store interior decor at the moment.

    That said, the outside area is going to be a great improvement on the former muddy wasteland.

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