Links & Pieces

  • Wellington City Libraries have now got a blog. It’s kinda spiffy. Take a look.
  • The blog Auckland Trains have done a post on the Dom Post editorial on the state of our trains.
  • Councillor’s seem to have spent their summer on the internet. Celia has launched a new Facebook page, Iona has started a blog, but still, Bryan can’t seem to figure out how to resize photos on Blogger.
  • The Mt Vic Resident’s Association are being poisoned by the NZTA – it must be retribution for their protests against a second tunnel, no doubt masterminded by Swampy.

One response to “Links & Pieces

  1. Lovely stuff from the MVRA. The fumes from 600m of tunnel are a “a clear and present danger to health and safety” but what about the other 99% of Wellington’s roads that are open to the elements? Filtering the fumes from the tunnel wouldn’t make a difference at the margin to Wellington’s air quality.

    In any case, putting a vent on the 1930’s tunnel would be like putting aluminium windows on a house, surely it would ruin the character of the neighborhood.

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