White-washing out 100% pure image

The New Zealand Herald (we’re not sure why) are reporting, in the form of an extended version of a WCC press release, that the duck pond in the Wellington Botanical Gardens has turned a ‘vivid white’.

The quote Cr Best in her capacity as portfolio leader – three waters, waste and duck ponds…

“So the message is please, people, don’t put anything down there you wouldn’t want your children swimming in,” Ms Best said.

Painting equipment should be washed in the laundry sink and cars washed on grass or at a carwash, she said.

The thing that strikes me, in both the Herald report and the original press release, is that no one seems to have actually checkted that the vivid white substance is actually paint, and there is no mention of anyone doing anything for the ducks. Can someone please think of the ducks??


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