Faulkner on the difficulties facing the CCDHB

The Kapi-Mana have done an interview with veteran CCDHB member Margaret Faulkner (first elected in 2000, second highest polling candidate in 2010). It’s interesting that the senior leadership of the DHB seem to be leaving in droves. Is this because implementing the Government’s health priorities with no new money is becoming an impossible task? From the article…

Mr Whelan’s replacement, Shaun Drummond, has confirmed he will resign in January and board chairman Sir John Anderson recently told Health Minister Tony Ryall he was not available for reappointment.

Faulkner’s rather sensible list of priorities for this term include…

  • Finding $27 million without cutting services.
  • Trying to ensure there is no more strike action.
  • Guarantee primary health care gets its fair share of funding.
  • A focus on the “needy” parts of health services like older people and disability services.
  • Making sure all aspects of child healthcare are addressed, including care for disabled children.

I think most people will agree that is a pretty good list.


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