Manners Street bus lane fiasco – storm in a tea cup?

The Wellingtonian has run a story about the continuing controversy over the new bus route through Manners Street. The latest storm in a tea cup is that the new road is not wide enough, with only one meter between the busses! Quelle horreur!

As the council’s spokesperson points out, they really needed to maximise the pedestrian space on the foot paths. While much of the foot path was blocked off during construction things were getting very tight.

The complains forget however just how used to navigating busy, narrow streets the bus drivers of our city are. While we’re yet to see the bus lane in action, it looks like it’s shaping up to be a fine project.

Lower Cuba Street however…

(Also, where did they find that rather dapper individual to illustrate the problem? Surely they should have used someone looking a bit more like this…)


13 responses to “Manners Street bus lane fiasco – storm in a tea cup?

    • Yes, but there seems to be just as much discontent over the plans for that as there was for Manners Street. That said, if Manners Street quickly proves it’s worth (which is where my money is) then it should quickly shut up Pepperell et al.

  1. thank god, some reason!

    my question is what in the hell zorro is doing standing in the middle of a busy bus lane anyhow?

    in melbourne they have smaller clearances between trams moving in opposite directions. pedestrians soon learn to not be standing between to multi-tonne objects.

    • Indeed, the horror expressed by some over the loss of the mall I’ve found difficult to understand.

      I’m skeptical that the price tag is worth the change but a better lower Cuba street is a good trade for the mall.

      • damn straight. maybe they can start fixing up those derelict building for starters.

        that or let the teen emos from manners move into them.

  2. What seems funny to me is that the narrowness, by it’s nature, will force the buses to slow down to the signposted 30 km/h limit.

    Unlike the GoBus driver this morning a.k.a Speedy Gonzales, doing 50 down Lambton Quay.

    I think the police would love to be informed of an extremely easy stream of revenue via speeding tickets. Hmmmmm….

  3. This is not a storm in a tea cup, nor a “fine project”? This is a debacle in decision making (not to mention mixed messages on improving traffic congestion by increasing walking in the city). The cost has not been worth it. And the reasons mooted to get this project off the ground have all been undermined by subsequent changes. Why are we spending millions to travel around the opposite side of the block again? While we make cuts to other services? One would have thought the original reasons for this proposal would have been revisited and the project dumped for not delivering them. But alas, no. For councilors to support digging up the most walked part of the city is bizzare. Especially when a much earlier council report considered this a dangerous spot for traffic vs pedestrians. Hence why the road was converted to a walk way to join up with Cuba St and provide a safer walking link to Manners\Willis\Lambton St. Instead we’ve now increased the number of road crossings (against buses) for pedestrian visiting Cuba St walking to\from lambton. Its also going to be interesting to see how the congestion on the paths is resolved. The santa parade showed the paths cannot cope with high volumes of people. Where as lower cuba st paths were wider and could have been widened further as it became a major stop off point for shoppers in the future (have there been any consideration of future growth in use). I also feel sorry for the businesses who will probably lose shoppers, as they avoid the que of people waiting for buses. But it does at least remove the bus que from outside the soon to be refurbished James Smiths apartments. At least someone is a winner.

  4. Mark :
    Its also going to be interesting to see how the congestion on the paths is resolved. The santa parade showed the paths cannot cope with high volumes of people.

    Seemed wide enough on the way home tonight at rush hour, as good as most of the Golden Mile.

    • But no one has been “deaded” as Michael Fowler would put it. Would be interesting to know how often people had been getting regularly hit on Willis street between Lambton and Mercer. Also whether the hits have all been on the old mall or between Victoria and Willis.

      I’m finding the mall no loss as a pedestrian but am wondering where the pay off in improved public space is supposed to come from. There’s yet to be an identifiable improvement on Dixon or Cuba.

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