Former deputy mayor rains on Labour’s parade

TV3 have posted a remarkable story about Porirua City Councillor (and failed mayoral candidate), Litea Ah Hoi. She’s a Labour Party member, and it seems has been helping run their campaign for Kris Faafoi for the Mana byelection. She’s called a National Party rival a “dumb ass coconut”. Wow. Check out the video…

There are a few questions that have to be asked… why hasn’t Faafoi given her the boot? Does she not realise that an apology is not an apology when you end it with “… and if people are offended by it…”

Litea was the second highest polling candidate for the Mayoralty this year, I think the people of Porirua will feel quite vindicated by their choice.


2 responses to “Former deputy mayor rains on Labour’s parade

  1. as Liz said on the Nation – she has always voted labour but is supportive of Parata. So any chance of that vote going back to Labour is gone. Her husband is a senior public servant and she runs a pacifica health centre – they shouldnt be treated like this.

    Litea is nothing but a playground bully and an idiot. This is why she wasnt even close in the mayoral race, and this is why she isnt deputy mayor now.

    Faafoi should apologise and boot her out of his office.

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