Well you can’t say she doesn’t walk the talk…

From Stuff

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has arrived in Wellington surrounded by a swathe of security personnel.

Her blue and white Boeing 757 landed at Wellington’s military terminal at 6.08am, to be greeted by a cluster of government and embassy officials.

The welcome party also included Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown, who arrived at the terminal at 4.55am on her bicycle.

Despite what you think of Celia’s brand of practical environmentalism, you have to give her credit for actually walking (cycling?) the talk.

Although it does seem a tad ridiculous to picture Celia following the Secretary of State’s motorcade on her bike.


5 responses to “Well you can’t say she doesn’t walk the talk…

  1. It shows Celia’s bike riding wasn’t an election gag; it makes a statement about the environment; HIllary, if she is told, would most likely be surprised and impressed that the mayor of the capital would bike around the place AND that it is safe enough to bike at 4am; and not to forget that it is Celia’s usual way to travel.

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