Draft portfolios leaking…

We’ve had a few anonymous tips about the draft portfolios. One tipster has promised a full list, we’ll try to get that up asap.

The most interesting thing we’ve heard so far is that Celia is going to give the transport portfolio to Bryan Pepperell. I’m not sure what that says about Celia’s commitment to her light rail plans (especially given Pepperell’s financial conservatism) – but I can hardly imagine anyone in Steven Joyce’s office sitting down to have a chat with Bryan about pushing forward new transport plans.

Does anyone have any tips or predictions for the different portfolios? If Celia shakes up the structure too much it’s going to make guessing quite difficult. No doubt all eyes will be on the prized temporary road closures sub-committee chairmanship.


7 responses to “Draft portfolios leaking…

  1. The portfolio leadership roles Ms Wade-Brown has proposed are:

    Ray Ahipene-Mercer: arts and culture.

    Ngaire Best: water supply, stormwater, sewage and waste minimisation.

    Stephanie Cook: social, grants.

    Jo Coughlan: economy.

    Paul Eagle: community engagement.

    Andy Foster: transport – public and road, funding activity, and chair of the strategy and policy committee.

    Leonie Gill: no portfolio role, but regulatory committee chair.

    Justin Lester: community facilities.

    Simon Marsh: No portfolio role, but membership of Wellington Zoo Trust.

    Ian McKinnon: governance.

    John Morrison: sport and events.

    Iona Pannett: built environment.

    Bryan Pepperell: transport – walking, cycling, motorcycling and safety.

    Helene Ritchie: biodiversity.

    Celia Wade-Brown: climate change, information, communications and technology, emergency management, finance and the International Arts Festival Trust.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see whether Pepperell and Cook can make a meaningful contribution now that Prendergast is no longer mayor. Cook, in particular, won’t be able to use the excuse of being just one vote this term given the importance of her portfolio.

    I do wonder though whether Pepperell’s portfolio is just the unimportant parts of Foster’s portfolio. Ritchie’s biodiversity portfolio certainly sounds like a bit of a non-portfolio given the limited scope of the council’s activities in this area.

    • Biodiversity – thousands of hectares of reserves, over sixty volunteer reveg groups, pest management (weed and animal), walkways, weed in gardens, ecological corridors, streamsides, district plan protection or lack of…Otari-Wilton’s NATIONAL plant museum, the zoo (breeding Otago skinks etc as well as housing endangered/exotic species), oversight of Zealandia – sorry, why do you think biodiversity is a non-portfolio??

      • I just don’t see this area, relative to other portfolios, that includes many areas of contention or presents particularly difficult internal trade offs for funds (again relative to other portfolios). The most important and expensive parts of the Council’s environmental work aren’t covered by this portfolio covered by other portfolios or are self managing organisations like the Zoo and Zealandia.

        Perhaps I shouldn’t have said non-portfolio and could have more accurately described it as one of the least challenging for the portfolio leader. If there are portfolios have fewer responsibilities I’m happy to be corrected;)

        Also, congratulations on your win Celia, it was a good outcome from a campaign well fought.

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