Dom Post wait until swearing in day to rain on new mayor’s parade

Today we posted on the Wellington City Council’s plans to cut 10% from its budget to pay down debt. It seemed odd that the council would discuss such plans on the day the first new Mayor in 9 long years is to be sworn in.

In fact it turns out that the Dom Post have been sitting on the story and waited over a week so that they could publish it today. 

The Office of the Mayor told WCC watch today that:

“Why did WCC announce this story on the day the new mayor is to be sworn in? It didn’t. The story is not the Council’s doing – it’s the result of a Dom Post reporter asking questions. As for the timing, they were chasing this story early last week, so you would have to ask the paper why it chose to sit on it for so long – Communications Advisor, Office of the Mayor.”

We say what big fat party poopers Dom Post. If it’s news, publish without haste. Otherwise you have an agenda.

A grouchy Dom Post local government reporter.


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