Deputy Mayor elect Ian McKinnon prepares to cane Ray

The Dom Post reports that Celia Wade-Brown has nominated Holden Astra fan Ian McKinnon as Deputy Mayor. Thank God, Andy Foster is a bit of a maverick and cannot always be counted on as a team player, for example the Kilbirnie Indoor Sports Centre.

“New Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown has nominated Ian McKinnon to be her deputy for the next three years.

Mr McKinnon was deputy mayor to Kerry Prendergast over the past three years.

Ms Wade-Brown said Mr Mckinnon’s commitment to the position and understanding of the role would complement her strengths.

Councillors will vote on the nomination on Wednesday at the first meeting of the newly-elected council.”

The first task of the former Eton headmaster is to give Ray Ahipene-Mercer the cane for telling porkies to the Dom Post.



3 responses to “Deputy Mayor elect Ian McKinnon prepares to cane Ray

  1. There is no way that Mckinnon is going to cane Mercer’s arse – Mckinnon was one of the gang of six who bleated to the press through his spokesman Mercer, that he too had not been contacted one day after Wade Brown’s election to advise which portfolio he had been allocated.

    This is the same man who when contacted by email simply chose not to respond to this issue as did his spokesperson Mercer when contacted.

    The gang of six are going to cause considerable difficulties for Celia Wade Brown – so she needs to watch her back.

    Starting when I hear you say?

    Right now!

  2. Oh V, dont be so dramatic!

    As I understand it the meeting of the Councillors was largely a figment of Councillor Ray Mercer’s imagination, and one of the councillors-elect – Paul Eagle wasn’t even there!

    Councillor Ian McKinnon and Celia Wade-Crown provide a good balance of experience, enthusiasm for change, and fiscal conservatism (keep rates under control).

    The disaffected Counillors will soon forget Kerry, and learn to work with the new Mayor, and a new agenda.

    I ceratinly know that I am looking forward to working with the new team at WCC.

    Daran Ponter
    Greater Wellington Regional Councillor (Elect)

  3. Absolutely Daran – well said and congratulations.
    ps – bet Celia’s pleased she’s not having to deal with Goulden.

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