Litigation mad WCC fights 758 tenancy cases in less than 4 years

Government report Bigcities showed that 10 of New Zealand’s 12 largest cities have council supplied social housing.

“Each local authority provides housing support according to its own policy. Of the 12 cities, only Rodney and Auckland do not provide any local authority owned social housing.

The number of social housing units owned by the other cities varies. Porirua owns 26 pensioner units and one four-bedroom unit, but also has 2,736 properties under Housing New Zealand Corporation management, representing 56.8% of its rental properties. Christchurch has the most council owned properties (2,655) followed by Wellington (2,354). Dunedin owns 991, which represents a large share of the rental properties (8.4%), compared to the other cities (3.5% on average).”

So with these numbers why has Wellington City Council fought a staggering 758 applications in the Tenancy Tribunal?  This is a massive 200% more applications brought or contested compared to Christchurch City Council, which has 300 more flats.

City Council Flats Tenancy Tribunal actions 2007 – 2010
Christchurch City Council 2,655 221
Wellington City Council 2,354 758
Dunedin City Council 991 5

In 2009/10 according to the annual report WCC spent $7.4 million on legal fees and consultants, some of which must have been to support its heavy litigation workload. It’s social housing residents sure are naughty.

The Government is pumping $220 million into social housing in Wellington to improve the housing stock.  Does this mean that standards are going to be even higher?  If you take a council flat in Wellington, make sure you retain a good lawyer. You may need one.

I will examine a case in more detail in my next post to see whether the council does have a rash of residents misbehaving badly or minor squabbles are ending up in Court.


One response to “Litigation mad WCC fights 758 tenancy cases in less than 4 years

  1. The main pain of living in blocks of flats is antisocial tenants, so I’d be far keener living in a Wellington council flat than in the other places.

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