Kerry’s $46 million swansong causing blinding rage

The DomPost reports that Kilbirnie’s half-built indoor sports centre has a roof producing dangerous levels of glare for nearby residents, and potentially pilots at the nearby international airport.

“Bright sun yesterday caused blinding reflections from the aqua- coloured material on top of the building, Hataitai resident Kay Poletti said.

“It was very sunny today and the glare was exceptional – we couldn’t really look out the front window. It’s a pity the project managers couldn’t keep us local people better informed.”

Wellington City Council spokesman Richard MacLean said the roof would have several layers. “The contractors are currently laying one of the layers of ceiling material – which is shiny – so it sounds like the early-morning sun is bouncing off it.”

That seems clear from WCC. Is this another half-baked DomPost beatup or is there more to this story than meets the eye?

The sports centre has taken ten years to come into being and even survived an appeal (never heard) lodged in the Environment Court by last year’s ‘rebel’ councillor Andy Foster.

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