Screaming Jets play Wellington, Sept/Oct 2011

No, this is not a post on the Aussie hard rock band Screaming Jets

New Zealand plays host to the Rugby World Cup from September to October 2011.  The event is expected to cost about $310 million to run and will generate $280 million in ticket sales.

Today Wellington City Council announced that the airport had been given a non-notified resource consent to allow early morning flights into the city.

“Up to 34 early-morning flights into Wellington Airport during next year’s Rugby World Cup have been given resource consent by Wellington City Council.

The arrivals would be later than the long-standing early-morning noise curfew at the Airport. They would mainly bring local and international rugby fans back to Wellington if overnight accommodation is booked out in Auckland during the rugby tournament.”

If you live near the airport, don’t reach for earplugs or tranquilizers just yet.

“… it is the opinion of Council planners and noise-control staff that the cumulative effects of the arrivals over the period would be less than minor.”

Yeah Right! I think residents within the ‘air noise boundary’ should get something back for their sacrifice: cheap or free tickets to some pool games or discounts at the airport.  Some people will be making a lot of money from this tournament, the returns should be spread fairly.

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