Looking at Wellington with 2040 vision

Feedback on the Council’s 2040 project has been released this week. If you don’t have much time at least read the executive summary.  It tells of people’s views on the key issues facing Wellington: the key threats, opportunities and priorities going forward.

“154 feedback submissions were received from a range of organisations and individuals.  In addition to the questionnaire, six public ‘drop-in’ sessions were held, as well as a series of meetings and presentations with a number of individuals and organisations.”

Key findings from the questionaire and sessions include:

“Of Primary concern to submitters is the management of transport to, from and within the central city. In the face of growth, pressure on the public transport system and inner city streets is already at a level where many submitters feel that urgent action needs to be taken if the city is to cope.”

Improved bus services are seen as a solution.

“State Highway 1 and the other main arterial routes through the city are particuarly disliked by the majority of submitters, however many also acknowledge their current necessity. In the long-term, many submitters would like to see private vehicle access to the central city minimised.”

People called for trenching of some roads, improved park and ride, and more encouragement for walking and cycling.

“A loss of economic vitality was also raised as a concern by submitters, many believing that a lack of quality commercial and residential property in the central city will impact negatively on economic growth.”

Submitters see a key role for the Council in attracting and retaining private sector businesses and employees.

“Concern was also expressed at the potential over-development of the central city.”

A clear message was a more interventionist role for the Council (see page 30 of the report).

“A lot of discussion stated that the Council’s role should be more than regulatory, and as the role of the central city evolves the Council needs to manage the direction in which it heads.  Discussion encouraged Council to take an active role with key sites within the central city, working with the private sector to ensure high quality outcomes, which in turn would act as catalysts for other development.”

Wellington 2040 is the Council’s strategic plan for the city.  A year ago the Council asked Wellingtonians what they would like the central city to look like in 2040. As well as consultation, the Council has commissioned a planning and design company to analyse and predict how different kinds of development could affect the way people move around the city. It has also engaged Randle Straatveit Architects, in partnership with New Zealand environmental planning and design consultancy Boffa Miskell, to deliver a plan for the central city. The plan will guide future decisions on the design and form of buildings, public spaces and city infrastructure.

The Council is keen to receive feedback on this project at any time. The next formal consultation is February 2011.

The timeline and details for the project can be found here.


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