Congratulations Celia

Wellington has a new mayor in Celia Wade-Brown, ending Kerry Prendergast’s three term run. In the end she pulled through with a majority of 176 votes, which will hopefully be enough to starve off a recount – Wellington does not need that right now.


17 responses to “Congratulations Celia

      • Cheers. Let’s hope she can get them all working together. Big ask but she has a better chance than Kerry did.

  1. Well done Celia!!!!!

    Bloody brilliant!

    Fantastic stuff – and a majority of 176 too, far higher than could have been anticipated. She must have pulled in almost 2/3rds of the special votes to get a majority like that – anyone got the numbers?

    A new page turned for Wellington. 🙂

  2. Election 2010 – Final Results

    Celia Wade-Brown Elected 24,881
    Kerry Prendergast Not Elected 24,705
    Jack Yan Not Elected 7,426
    Bryan Robert Pepperell Not Elected 5,954
    Bernard O’Shaughnessy Not Elected 1,174
    Al Mansell Not Elected 542

  3. Excellent result. 🙂

    So now we have a new council in the supercity and a new mayor in Wellington that are very much in favour of public transport investments, but a central government deeply (very-very deeply) opposed to it. Trying to have a rational conversation with Steven Joyce will be like bashing their heads against a brick wall, but here’s hoping that by sticking together and being firm they can go some way to rebalancing this country’s outdated (and when it comes to RoNS outright whimsical) transport funding.

  4. As one of her campaign team, I’m immensely proud of what Celia’s achieved and honoured that she trusted us all to help her become the Mayor. I’m really looking forward to the next three years in Wellington.

  5. Fabulous result. Congratulations Celia and your campaign team. Looking forward to working with you and the Wellington City Council over the coming three years. Exciting times ahead.

  6. Okay, so now that we have a new Mayor what exactly is going to change, other than the rhetoric we have listened to for the last 2 months?

    The time for campaigning is finished and the time for action is upon us.


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