Too close to call?

The Dom Post have finally decided to take a proper interest in the race to be the next Mayor of Wellington.

Kerry Prendergast’s tenuous hold on the Wellington mayoralty is likely to be undone by a wave of Green special votes, analysts predict.

Her political future hangs on a knife edge, with 40 votes separating her from rival Celia Wade-Brown and more than 900 special votes still to be counted.

I think there will be quite a few anxious people in both the Kerry and Celia camps.

It also sounds like the consensus is that Celia ran the best campaign, and Kerry may have simply got complacent.

If people have been around for a long time, they start to think that they’re untouchable, if you like, and they can get away with almost anything.

If I was Kerry, I’d be carrying my campaign manager’s testicles around in a bag in my pocket.

And of course, the two contenders both have their people looking at the numbers, and Celia is sounding confident…

Ms Wade-Brown said she had reviewed figures from the last election, which showed that, of the 800 valid special votes, 265 went to Ms Prendergast while 409 went to the second and third-placed candidates.


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