Results are coming in…

The council will be announcing the preliminary result at 6pm. Any last minute predictions?

Over the next few days we’ll be trying to do a few email interviews with new (and possibly re-elected) councillors. Does anyone have suggestions for questions?


21 responses to “Results are coming in…

  1. Go Paul Eagle! That Keith Johnson chap is a complete mental. I saw him out walking putting his business cards in mailboxes talking to himself. Odd.

  2. Lambton – McKinnon Pannett Cook (very surprising!)
    Northern – Lester Ritchie Best (see ya Hayley)

    Goulden gone as well

    Coughlan back

  3. very frustrating that Wellington has not published prelim results or put up its media release. their website doesn’t even seem to have a results page. i guess their comms manager was too busy posting on this blog to think of stuff like that.

    • Appalling job over the whole weekend by the Council Comms team. Nothing on the website telling us how to get results. And as Wellingtonista pointed out there was the excited Tweet from the Council’s official Twitter celebrating Kerry’s win.

      Of course given the rudeness and arrogance displayed on this blog by the Comms Manager he will just resort to ad hominum attacks and snarky little asides rather than dealing with these failures of communication.

      But it does really beg the question – what if he’d spent Friday afternoon preparing a comms plan for the election rather than bully and intimidating ratepayers for daring to disagree with the Mayor?

  4. they’ve put up a thing on front page now saying KP has been re-elected…which is FAR from clear!

    v you’ll be gutted – Goulden was 5th in his ward!

  5. Great to see Paul Bruce back on the Regional Council and big congrats to Celia for the result. Fingers crossed that the specials will go her way. Thanks to voters in Lambton for giving me another term – a lot more work to do, particuarly in transport.

    • congratulations — some good new faces on council with you, i think. hopefully it’s a more constructive and reasonable council whoever gets the mayoralty.

  6. Very surprised Ganley didn’t get elected – I thought he would have made a great addition to the council, though I didn’t think he would (or should) beat McKinnon or Pannett.
    Surprised at the Northern result – didn’t think Ritchie would get in.

    • Knocked out in the 14th iteration though, very close. Well ahead of the other non-incumbents though, Wellington missed out on a great councillor there. Surprised Greening beat Bishop and Cunningham.

      Pity to see Cook, Pepperell and Ritchie back in, but Lester and Eagle will hopefully be great additions.

      Poor old Goulden, hopefully he’ll provide a bit more unintentional comedy over the next few days.

  7. question for ritchie: will her priority this time be her electorate, or the one she lives in?

    would be nice to see evidence of her actually representing the suckers who passively vote for her.

  8. Well, I’m personally delighted to say that none of these wretched Northern Ward candidates got an ounce of my vote.

    Not delighted that they got in, of course, but got to keep positive!

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