Who to vote for – a hard left feminist view

Maia at The Hand Mirror, a left wing feminist blog, has written a great post on who she’s chosen to vote for in the WCC elections (living in the Lambton Ward). Take a read.

It’s fascinating stuff. She seems to have two overarching rules…

  1. A candidate must be left wing. They cannot have voted for moving the rates burden from commercial to residential.
  2. A candidate cannot mention their family in their bio.

Which has made for some interesting choices. What I’m sure will be her most controversial decision will be her pick for mayor…

I’m not opposed to voting for lizards so the wrong lizards don’t get in. However, I have my limits. So I’m not voting for Mayor. I am aware that a large number of Wellingtonians will outraged by this, but I’m not convinced that Kerry Prendergast with a slight green tinge will be improvement on Kerry Prendergast. Celia Wade-Brown, the only serious contender for mayor, has made it clear that economically she is no different from Kerry Prendergast. Recently the rates burden has moved from commercial to residential – a move Celia Wade-Brown supports. A ‘green’ approach to local body politics, can and has been cover for privatisation and an anti-people pro-business way of working.

I would get great pleasure from Kerry losing her job, and while normally that would be enough for me too vote for her opponent, but I cannot support Celia Wade-Brown.

Ha! Love it.

Her Lambton ward picks are Cook, Ganley and Greening and her regional council and DHB choices are also well worth a read. I particularly liked this gem…

Adam Cunningham – He actually ends his profile – SO IF YOU LOVE WELLINGTON TOO – VOTE CUNNINGHAM 1 IN LAMBTON WARD – just like that all in caps. I am not ranking him Number 1 – so clearly I hate Wellington.

I am not sure what others will think of Maia’s choices, but regardless, I think she deserves praise for actually taking the time to make her choices and share her logic with others. Bravo!


7 responses to “Who to vote for – a hard left feminist view

  1. Cook has mentioned her daughters at every meeting I’ve heard her speak at and I thought they were on her bio too. I don’t have a problem with this but I wouldn’t want Maia to be an uninformed voter.

    • As has Jo Coughlan who always mentions her six children. Along with a large family, she also runs a PR company, sits on a couple of boards and was a director of Postivly Wellinngton Tourism – which makes me wonder how much time she has as a city councillor to spend on constituent’s issues…

  2. A couple of comments regarding the rates. This single aspect has been unreasonably held up as a litmus test.

    Regarding the differential on the general rate between business and residents, remember that all are based on capital value so a big business pays far more than a small business and a Roseneath 5 bedroom pays more than a one-bedroom flat in Mt Victoria, for example. Wellington has done a great job of keeping the Uniform Annual Charges low – though some of right-wing would like to increase these so water and sewage are totally paid by uniform charges that take no account of the value of a property. Rates area TAX not a payment fro services so we must resist this.
    Several of the Councillor commentators have NEVER attended a single meeting of the Finance and Activity Working Party. I’ve been on that and through every activity and argued strongly for sharing the costs fairly, for example, that libraries benefit businesses as much as residents. Therefore we’ve kept the general rate for funding libraries and many other activities – where commercial funds a total of $68 million p.a. as opposed to $63m for residents. Some past members of the working party wanted the libraries to be funded totally by the residential rates.

    Jack Yan has said he’d like to get rid of the differential – if we did that it would mean a huge jump of rates to households (about $30 to 40 million in one go). When Council looked at the issues of claimability, passing on etc, we concluded that a differential of 2.8 to 1 was reasonable and I do NOT want to go below that. We have one more year of transition till we get there. It may be too late for most voters to ask but I think you should ask candidates what their ideal differential is for the general rates – should it go back to 7:1 as it was nine years ago – the four that argue against the change to 2:8 to 1 never actually suggest it go back to 7:1! I suspect that several would like it to go to 1:1. I suspect that even moor would fail to understand the basis for rates differentials and calculations at all.

    Most Councils in the area have differentials of between 2.4 and 3, although other charges and levies e.g. Downtown levy in Wellington for tourism promotion, motel rates elsewhere etc make direct comparison difficult.

    Over-simplifying the rates issue shows how easy it is to get onto “moral high ground”, i.e. “any shift in diff = bad”, “keeping diff at current ratio = good”, rather than analyse and explain the costs and benefits.

    A look at http://www.wellington.govt.nz/plans/annualplan/ltccp/pdfs/vol1/18fis.pdf may help show where different parts of rates come from.

    PS – I really am Celia W-B!!!

  3. Celia – thanks for the explanation. The PDF on the council finances was interesting in a whole bunch of areas and there are some line items that are quite illuminating. For instance, I never realised that the council had income from commercial leases and ground rentals of more than $32m per annum. And I guess the explanation of the differential makes a bit more sense now.

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