Voting returns update #3

The latest voting returns are up on the council website.

We are currently sitting at 19.83% returned, compared to 19.17% at the same point in 2007.

Going by historical trends, there should be very heavy returns this week. We’ll keep you updated.

Interestingly enough, the regional council have also broken their returns down by local authority (see here), and the WCC area is returning the fewest votes. Any wild theories as to why this might be?

Local territorial authority Ballot papers received
Masterton District Council 27.12%
Carterton District Council 33.01%
South Wairarapa District Council 31.74%
Kapiti Coast District Council 27.58%
Porirua City Council 18.51%
Upper Hutt City Council 23.35%
Hutt City Council 21.48%
Wellington City Council 18.35%

One response to “Voting returns update #3

  1. I don’t see where you have got the 19.17% figure from on the 2007 Voting documents returned.

    However, you have to be very careful doing comparisons around the weekends of 2007 & 2010. In 2007, NZ Post had a weekend mail collection on Sunday afternoon. Therefore, Mondays 2007 figures contain papers that were posted on Saturday and Sunday morning. Mondays 2010 figures only contain papers posted on Friday. The best you can do is compare the Monday 2010 figure of 19.83% with the 2007 Saturday count of 18.8%. This projects a 42% return is expected this year rather than the 40% in 2007.

    Tomorrows figures will be back in alignment. Also, 50% of the papers are returned in the last week so, hopefully, we will see a surge this week.

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