“Like some tawdry third-rate real estate agent”

A reader writes…

Thought you might be interested in this – Amanda Nicolle has been hammering her signs into verges all over the Eastern suburbs like some tawdry third-rate real estate agent (or maybe one of those dodgy weight-loss programs). She clearly doesn’t understand basic rules about no hoardings on public property outside the council-approved areas – which doesn’t bode well if she actually makes it onto Council.


9 responses to ““Like some tawdry third-rate real estate agent”

  1. Are her lips real? For christs sake there is botox and then there are industrial sized applicators of pollyfilla

  2. OMG this woman is insane!! “With much discussion about a city wide liquor ban that may extend to Newtown, we need to make sure that Newtown’s problems don’t become ours, and that we have strong strategies and controls in place to keep our streets safe and clean.” Yelp — i can see all those riotous teens catching the number 11 out to Seatoun from Newtown just so they can booze up in the streets. Jesus, Amanda — i’m happy with Newtown’s ‘problems’ as long as you keep your killer lipstick in Seatoun!

  3. If she gets elected the signs will only be up for two more campaigns. She believes in term limitations. Now if only someone can convince the Mayor.

    “I believe Councillors should serve no more than three terms on Council. Things get too cosy, the job becomes too familiar, and people in long term roles start to ‘major in the minor’.” http://www.wotzon.com/diary/ANicolle/

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