Voting advice for the Northern Ward

A reader has emailed in the attached flier, which has been distributed to voters in the Northern Ward. I have no idea how many have been sent out, or exactly where.

Basically, a Mr Graeme Sawyer is unhappy with his three sitting concillors and wishes to see them replaced. He is making recommendations on how that could happen. Enjoy.


5 responses to “Voting advice for the Northern Ward

  1. Shouldn’t this have had a proper authorisation thing?

    I’m so sick of Graeme Sawyer’s nuttery. The high density housing needs to go through if we want people to be able to live in this city.

  2. I like Kent Duston’s summary of Sawyer on EyeoftheFish. “The “dregs of humanity”? The “blood of those victims will be on your head”? Oh come on Graeme, stop being such a Drama Queen. Johnsonville is hardly a paragon of virtue at present – and as the DPC hasn’t even been passed yet, then the blood of these particular victims has absolutely nothing to do with city living density. Quite extraordinary. Councillors Ngaire Best and Helene Ritchie have been providing rebuttal to these hysterical rantings – I pity anyone wanting to stand for Council and having to put up with this level of nutty abuse.”

  3. Yes, I too am quite bemused by Mr Sawyer. He has actually toned it right down for this flier, to the point where he probably comes across as completely rational. As Johnny notes above, he comes across as anything but rational in his rantings to the press, ie Scoop, where he said:
    “We don’t want you to rip the guts out of our community and destroy the value of our homes to encourage carpetbagger developers to buy ‘em cheap and put up high-density state houses and cheek-by-jowl “units” that will attract the dregs of humanity….. …..The decline of our neighborhoods has already started, with two muggings (coincidentally, both on the highest density streets of J/ville) in the last two weeks. The blood of those victims – and all the others that occur as J/ville citizens get more transient, rougher, and more desperate over coming years – will be on your head.”

    My conclusion to that was that:

    “You are, in effect, most scared of Housing New Zealand coming in and building State Housing, by which we can mostly infer that you are anti poor people.”

    That’s the real background behind his flier….

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