Bits and pieces

In no particular order…

  • Kris Price has done a great blog post talking about why he is standing. I have to say, for a candidate that has had little attention (turns out the blog post is about the extent of his campaigning) he has some interesting (not mad) ideas. Very unlikely to get in, but hopefully he’ll have more to say about how Wellington is run. Insightful.
  • Eye of the Fish have also done an informative vote, basically making their endorsements. Well worth a read.
  • If you haven’t already done so, make sure you add Sustainable Transport Wellington to your list of daily blogs. Good stuff.
  • Eye of the Fish have done an update on the project, focussing on the exterior of the Central Park flats and Wellington Central MP Grant Robertson has done a video tour of the interior of a renovated flat. Pretty cool.

Feel free to spam the comments of this post with links (and heavens knows some of the candidates have been blatant with that via email…)


9 responses to “Bits and pieces

  1. Hi Tom, sorry some of us have had other commitments. That’s why I’ve put my hand up for the job, so I can park up the old one for three years and have the time to focus on what are some critical and far too ignored issues for Wellington. I’m not talking about the small matters of bringing back carnivals, or dealing with parking wardens, these are a no brainer. I’m concerned with not looking back with regret in 30 years time at what our lack of foresight, poor planning, and misspending has done to this city. I encourage you to vote for the candidate that will give you the city you want now and in the future, but everyone has different criteria and of course you should use those that are important to you.

    • Well I’ve been to a couple of candidate meetings and have no idea whether you will will give me the city I want because you didn’t turn up.

      I can’t believe your other commitments entirely rule out attendance at these things and anyone who thinks they can get elected without campaigning has a very strange understanding of the way the world works.

  2. Thanks for the link to Sustainable Wellington Transport above. We’ve had a lot of responses from Wellington mayoral and council candidates to our transport questionnaire – and some of the answers weren’t what I expected, as this article from Scoop notes. Celia is leading the way on modern trams/light rail, but has Kerry changed her tune on the Basin Reserve flyover?

  3. Politicians rely on the voters short-term memory. That’s how Mayor Kerry is polling so high in iPredict and may be re-elected. So it’s time to remember the bad things. Like when the Council agreed to a plan to stop people submitting on waterfront buildings proposals in late 2008.

    Scoop said “The decision to curb public involvement seems to have been given impetus by the council’s defeat this year in the Environment Court, which stopped its plan – approved by council officers – to allow a Hilton Hotel to be built on the Outer T of Queens Wharf.”

    The Hilton on the Outer T was strongly supported by Mayor Kerry and her property developer mates. The Council backed Waterfront Investments Limited to build the Hilton. Thank god it was stopped.

    One of the main directors of Waterfront Investments Limited was Kelly Robert McEwan, appointed in 2005. His father Dan McEwan owned Empire Builders Limited, which owned part of Waterfront Investements. Kelly and Dan were recently bankrupted in 2009 owing millions. They were also responsible for other Hilton failures in Queenstown and Rarotonga.

    We as ratepayers were lucky to escape the Hilton on the Outer T debacle. It was not just an ugly building. Remember that when you vote.

  4. In Feb 2010 Scoop reported on the leaky building problems with the Princes Wharf Hilton in Auckland. They said: “I felt unreasonably smug at the weekend when I learnt that the Hilton Hotel on Princes Wharf in Auckland has had to close some of its best rooms because there are leaks in the walls. Would this have also been the fate of a Hilton Hotel in Wellington, had it been allowed to build on the outer-Tee of Queens Wharf?”

    Guess who owned the Hilton? That’s right Adam Cunningham’s business mate Mike O’Sullivan and Kevin Podmore and their Auguste Finance, and St Laurence finance company that owes $245 million dollars to 9,000 mum and dad investors.

    Kerry Prendergast and Adam Cunningham strongly supported the Hilton on the Outer T, which was to have been built by Waterfront Investments Limited, whose director, property developer Kelly McEwan was bankrupted last year. Recently Adam endorsed Kerry and Rex endorsed Adam. What a small village we live in.

  5. Kris Price, I am too busy too campaign because I have other commintments but I also have a bigger vision than all the other candidates. Give me a break. What a joke. It’s total disrespect for democracy not to bother to even meet your potential electors. I find this behaviour offensive. Price should have taken a break from other commitments 2 months out from the election. He’s like one of these politicians that won’t quit a seat (Anderton, Kawkins etc) until they get elected to another job. He has no chance.

  6. The candidate meetings have been at various times – most at night and some in the afternoon – I don’t think Kris has made it to any of them – is he in Wellington? I haven’t seen any signs for him either – not a good campaign.

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