You thought Waterfront Watch were bad?

Well just wait until people like them hear about Thomas Morgan’s plan for a gondola and luge


9 responses to “You thought Waterfront Watch were bad?

  1. He was laughed at and ridiculed when he made the comment at the Brooklyn Candidates meeting. But looking at the article it doesn’t appear the journalist got the story from there, although Rex did arrive later with the Mayor in toe. It’s a indictment of the appalling journalism around this election that the only stories being run are such stupid ones when there has actually been a lot of good debate in the community.

    • Hello Johnny,

      I don’t recall anyone laughing when I made this suggestion at the Brooklyn meeting and I did say that it was a treat and something to catch attention against all the more serious issues that abound.

      With 60 candidates it takes a good deal of effort and ability to get the attention of the media in the middle of an election and that goes towards the political abilities of any candidate that can manage to do this.

      As for Rex, I don’t think Kerry was in his toe. No doubt this will result in me being labelled a smarty pants. About time perhaps?


      Thomas Morgan
      Southern Ward Candidate, Wellington City Council Election 2010.

      • I saw several people lol. Are you the Thomas Morgan guy that stands at the Adelaide Road and John Street intersection every night waving a homemade sign saying Vote Morgan. You should invest in a better magic marker.

  2. Mr Morgan often gets a laugh at campaign meetings.

    “Regional Council candidate Thomas Morgan strongly objected to this, claiming the only consultation that should happen is the three-yearly elections and after that those elected should be “left to get onto it”. Thomas also explained that the people didn’t have the knowledge to make correct decisions, to which a Workers Party member in the audience sarcastically replied, “Yeah, the people are too stupid,” which got a laugh from the meeting.”

    In that 2007 election Mr Morgan managed to edge out blank voting forms and informal votes to get third to last place.

  3. johnnyismyname :You should invest in a better magic marker.

    Go easy — he’s putting in way more effort than most of the other candidates, especially Cunningham, who is too arrogant to front up to the voters, or Kris Price who is too ‘busy’. At least we know that Thomas Morgan is interested in getting the job, which is more than we can say for some.

    • I was too harsh. Having a go is a kiwi tradition. Kris Price is the invisible man. For the record Morgan got over 3600 votes which in a ward election would see him home.

    • Thanks Thomas!

      We Thomas’s should stick together!

      Times change and so does one’s awareness of what is going on. I would still stick to my 2007 approach if the true process of democracy was actually happening. Voting for the most well-known person, regardless of experience or ability, is not doing the system justice.

      As a result ‘Community Governance’ is going to be the catch-phrase of the decade however the issue of the public not actually knowing all the facts and still making decisions is still of concern.

      No doubt Johnny will want to make a further comment and, yes, I’m waving my sign about which is rather good fun! Will be trying a some new locations in the next few days…


      Thomas Morgan.

  4. Good on you. Adam Cunningham said on Facebook waving a sign round was beneath him and akin to the being in the Wiggles. What a Muppet. Now, what are your top 5 policies?

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