One last post on Goulter…

Okay, when Jevan Goulter decided to not stand for the Lambton Ward, and instead focus on Whanganui, we were a little disappointed, from the point of view that he certainly would have spiced up the competition.

However, after the events of the last few days we have nothing but sympathy for the people of Whanganui who have to put up with him, and especially Michael Laws and his family.

The last thing we want to do is stroke Jevan’s ego by giving him any more air, but I think it’s quickly becoming clear that this creep isn’t suitable for any public office in Wellington, Whanganui, Brisbane or anywhere else.

(And how damn stupid is it to attack a highly popular retiring mayor?! Does he even realise Laws isn’t standing again?)


One response to “One last post on Goulter…

  1. What a pillock. Good on Laws for giving it to him and filing his own complaint. It makes me wonder how Jevan knew Adam Cunningham so well as to go out and endorse him publicly. I bet that’s the kind of support Cunningham could do without, despite his invisible campaign.
    Looking at the Herald picture makes one think that no body should be allowed to run for office in board shorts and flip flops.

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