Super Friday!

Well today’s the day nominations close. At midnight last night the Elections 2010 website unveiled the candidates who had created profiles on that site but chosen to keep them under wraps until today (note: not all candidates will have bothered to create a profile on that site).

We will probably have further updates throughout the day on candidates, but for now, here are the new ones from Elections 2010 and what little information I could find on them (all of their profiles are blank).

As always, if you have any information on these or any other candidates, please email it through or leave a comment.

Northern Ward
Gary Roberts

Gary is the President of the Johnsonville RSA and has a military and police background.

Camilla Chin

We may be wrong on this, but Google is “suggesting” that this is actually ‘Camilia Chin’, who stood for the Kiwi Party in Hutt South in 2008 and is currently the President of the Ethnic Council of Wellington. No sign of a campaign yet.

Lambton Ward
Kris Price

At Mt Victoria resident who is pro-cycling and very interested in fiber-to-the-home. He even blogs on it.

Onslow-Western Ward
Jack Ruben

A former Onslow-Western councillor, he is aiming for a come back. Yawn.

Eastern Ward
Mike Fiechter
Mike is the contact person for ‘Golden Days’ – “A social group for seniors in a warm friendly environment. Activies include indoor bowls, word games, raffles and Bingo.” Expect heavy campaigning in retirement homes.
Southern Ward
Thomas Morgan
Stood for the regional council in 2007. David Farrar described him as ‘specialising in coming last’. The Capitalism Bad blog had this to say about him:

In the fine tradition of local body politics he appears to be a particularly focused individual and is running on a platform of eliminating rates (and the bypass – glad to see that the proud tradition of useless attempts at stopping the bypass through voting is not stopping just because the thing is built). I’m not particularly pro-rates myself, but he wants to replace rates with a use pays system.

Will Moore

No idea who this guy is.

Ida Faiumu-Isa’ako

Chair of the Pacific Advisory Group. She stood as a Labour candidate in the Southern Ward in 2007, but only managed to secure 699 first preference votes. She seems to have severed her ties to the Labour Party and is standing as an independent, I doubt that is going to help her much.


3 responses to “Super Friday!

  1. I’ve been thinking. Adam Cunningham is the John McGrath of the 2010 election. Both made careers in the same minimum wage industry, food and drink. John was a “businessman and restaurateur”, Adam “owns and operates several businesses” including a cafe and catering company. John wanted to “cut the council red tape”, Adam wants to “reduce” it. John wanted to “grow tourism”. Adam wants a “welcoming Wellington”. John wanted a “strong business environment”, Adam wants to “encourage business”. But how. John wanted “infrastructure”, Adam wants to “keep taxbreaks”. John wanted a “vibrant city”, but Adam wants “thifty spending.” Is Adam an even worse prospect than John. What happened to John.

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