Monorail, monorail, monorail!

Mayoral candidate Celia Wade-Brown recently released her first major policy of the campaign – light rail by 2020. Unlike the Greens’ Wellington transport policy, it doesn’t look like Celia’s plan specifies it will be done in three stages, taking 20 years to reach the airport.

So far the reaction seems to be pretty positive.

However a comment on this blog post has got me thinking. This sort of “big picture” type policy has been largely lacking under Kerry’s leadership. As the commenter said:

Good luck Celia in the elections. I really don’t know what Prendergast will be remembered for. Possibly a few wind sculptures in Evans Bay. I can’t think of any significant infrastructure installed under her tenure. She used to mutter about broadband but I don’t know what became of that and there are the two Fred Flintstone buildings going up at the airport. Not much of a legacy.

Given so few details have been released about the policy, I don’t really think I can make a comment about if it’s a good idea or not. But I must say that some bold thinking like this is very refreshing! Looking forward to seeing what else Celia and the other candidates have up their sleeves.


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